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Airlines mull standing seats for travellers looking for cheapest fare

Jun 22, 2019
An Italian aviation interior company, Aviointeriors, has designed SkyRider seats or standing seats for a new ‘Ultra-Basic Economy’ class on planes.
Also known as saddle seats, Aviointeriors first introduced them in 2010 to allow airlines to squeeze in more passengers for cheaper airfare.
According to reports in India Today, no airlines bought the seats back then but now it seems that budget airlines such as Europe’s Ryanair must be interested and it is possible they might install them on their planes.
The company recently launched a new version of the seats named SyRider 3.0 but is still awaiting a buyer for its first batch to be sold.
The new seats allow leg space of 23 inches, which is 7 inches less than a normal Economy seat and will also offer storage space that includes a hook to hang your jacket or handbag and a shelf for the carry-on bag.
One Twitter user criticised the seats and wrote: ‘What fresh hell for budget airline passengers’.
But according to Aviointeriors, sitting on these standing seats is as comfortable as sitting on a horse-saddle.
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