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Jan 28, 2015
China on Wednesday offered a spirited defence of its aid to Africa, rejecting charges of “concrete diplomacy” following a major infrastructure deal with the continent. China and the African Union…
Jan 28, 2015
ODI thinktank warns of risk of debt defaults as countries face $10.8bn in extra currency costs The strong dollar is threatening an Asian-style debt crisis in sub-Saharan Africa, a thinktank…
Jan 27, 2015
No other Ebola treatment vaccine has created as much excitement among people in the hardest-hit countries, like the two pending trial vaccines to begin in Liberia at the beginning of…
Jan 26, 2015
Pay TV revenues in Sub-Saharan Africa will reach $6.22 billion in 2020, up from $3.54 billion in 2014 and $1.92 billion in 2010. This is according to a new report…
Jan 13, 2015
Leading global investors increasingly understand the case for African investments. A sustained growth rate of over 6% a year for the past 10 years is certainly compelling; but how to…
Dec 28, 2014
Zimbabwe has defended plans to sell elephants for up to $40,000 (£26,000) each, saying it needs the money to run its biggest game reserve. An official said more than 60…
Nov 21, 2014
The beauty world proffers products as magic bullets that no longer just treat the problem but understand how our skin works, so that future problems are prevented. Maybe this isn't…
Nov 21, 2014
Summary Ballard Power Systems' products are gaining traction across the globe. Ballard is partnering with a number of companies, with Plug Power being the most prominent, as it will help…
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