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South Africa concludes exclusive plate sales agreement with Kemtek in South Africa.

Dec 26, 2014

FUJIFILM South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (hereinafter "FUJIFILM SA") and Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings Limited (hereinafter "Kemtek") - a trading company dealing in printing machinery and headquartered in South Africa's Johannesburg - concluded an exclusive agreement on the sales of plates for general commercial printing on October 1st. In the future, while working with its long-time sales partner Ferrostaal, Kemtek will serve as a key supplier of Fujifilm products, bringing Fujifilm's CTP plates (thermal and photopolymer type) to the South African printing market.

Kemtek enjoys a market share of approximately 50% in South Africa's commercial graphic arts industry, and supplies cutting-edge printing equipment and consumables to a wide-range of users, from major printing companies to independent, small-scale companies. Based in Johannesburg, Kemtek boasts service branches in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth, as well as technicians and a specialized technical team to provide support for inventory, supply and services across the country.

Regarding this partnership, Dave Savage, Kemtek's Chairman, commented as follows: "This milestone partnership between Kemtek and Fujifilm SA presents an excellent value proposition for the Southern African printing community...Fujifilm SA's executive team recognizes our philosophy to consistently strive for excellence in everything we do and both companies are dedicated to building a mutually beneficial, long-standing business relationship."

Fujifilm's plate production system guarantees stable worldwide supply

In order to ensure a stable supply of high-quality plates, advanced manufacturing technologies and an efficient distribution system are essential. At the Fujifilm Group, we have developed the best possible supply infrastructure in order to consistently provide world-class products to printing companies.

The lineup of CTP plates made by Fujifilm (thermal and photopolymer types) includes process-less and eco-friendly plates. Such products are highly regarded in the global printing industry, not only for their quality but also for their printability and stability. The outstanding performance of these plates is the fruit of synergy among the plate-making technologies developed by Fujifilm over 50 years, including proprietary aluminum surface processing and advanced coating technologies. The groundbreaking Multigrain technology employed in aluminum substrate, combining smudge resistance with plate durability, stands out in particular.

Also, in addition to the high-level performance and quality of the plates themselves, another important advantage offered by Fujifilm's CTP plates lies in the guarantee of continuous, steady supply in any area of the world. Fujifilm produces its plates at plants located in four areas across the globe (Japan, U.S., Europe and China). All of these plants were designed in accordance with unified standards, adopting shared production methods and facilities, and thus standardizing the production process. This allows us to offer a steady, punctual supply of CTP plates across the world for all purposes and of all types - be it for commercial printing or newspaper printing, thermal or photopolymer - while keeping quality consistent at all times. Furthermore, regarding commercial and commodity distribution, we are aiming to optimize our commercial distribution channels from a global standpoint by reinforcing our cooperation with local dealers, and have established the best possible supply system. In the context of Fujifilm's "global supply system", Kemtek, as a party to this sales agreement, will be responsible for part of our sales network in Europe and Africa.

Chairman Dave Savage made the following statement on synergy between Kemtek and FUJIFILM SA, "With its global reputation for quality, service and an R&D program dedicated to sustainable production, Fujifilm SA's product range delivers a host of value-added benefits to the southern African printing community. We're delighted to be nominated as principal supplier and, with our reputation for delivering only trustworthy, expert advice and assistance, I'm confident that Kemtek will take the Fujifilm SA brand to the next level."


Source: 4-Traders.com