Apple’s Focus Is To Transform Student ID Cards Onto The Watch & Phone

Jun 11, 2018

On many campuses, students should carry ID cards to get their residence halls, take out library books, go to the fitness center and pay for lunch in the dining hall. But this practice could soon be a thing of the past, together with the launch of digital student ID cards on Apple Watches and iPhones.

Using Near-Field Communications technology, pupils will have the ability to access a multitude of services on campus just by waving their phone or see near subscribers that are compatible. Six universities have been working with Apple and Blackboard about the initiative, including Duke, Johns Hopkins, Santa Clara and Temple Universities and the Universities of Alabama and Oklahoma.

Rather than an app, the electronic student ID cards will probably be a part of Apple Wallet and linked to Apple Pay. The service is expected to go live in the six collaborating universities this fall. Contacted by Inside Higher Ed, not one of the universities enlarged on details like what version of iPhone or Apple Watch pupils would have to have to use the technology, nor if they are planning an Android equal of the system. Presumably, the technology will supplement (rather than replace) existing student ID card programs, rather than all students own Apple technology.

Joshua Kim, manager of digital learning initiatives at Dartmouth College’s Center for the Advancement of Learning, stated he is interested to see whether this initiative could be the”gateway drug” for additional cellular educational experiences from Apple — especially on the Apple Watch.

“Student IDs are still an interesting beginning, but what is more fun would be to think about other ways that Apple Watch could tackle some higher ed challenge,” explained Kim. The fact that the statement was made by Apple’s vice president of technologies, Kevin Lynch, is a promising signal, said Kim.

Speaking at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Monday, Lynch described the electronic Student ID attribute within an”exciting” development which will”expand into more campuses over time.”

In the end of 2017, Apple started a partnership with Ohio State University, which involves the joint creation of apps for use on campus — a development that some observers said indicated a renewed attention from Apple on higher education.

Eric Stoller, a high schooling notion leader and Inside Higher Ed blogger, stated the Student ID statement is a”big deal” that provides Apple with”another helpful entry point into higher education,” as well as great PR for Blackboard and the universities involved with analyzing the technology.

A spokesperson for Blackboard verified that the company was working with Apple to create the student IDs, including that Blackboard would be supplying the compatible reader devices. The spokesperson said that the electronic student IDs would offer students”heightened security and outstanding advantage” on campus. Though not mentioned in the Apple announcement, sources reported that all the associations involved in the initiative will be a Blackboard Transact customer. Blackboard Transact is a subsidiary of Blackboard that oversees campus ID systems.

A spokesperson for Santa Clara University said the university had been”looking forward” to bringing its own campus ACCESS Card to the Apple Wallet, including that the technology could be available to students, faculty and staff to work with on and around campus by the end of the calendar year. The University of Oklahoma echoed this announcement, saying that its Sooner Card would likewise be available to students, faculty and staff.I

n a tweet, Tracy Futhey, chief information officer at Duke University, said that the initiative could enable students to get buildings and make payments across campus at an”even easier way.” She included her institution is”continually searching for technologies that can enhance student experience,” adding that working with Apple has been a”natural fit.”

Source: Diego Post

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