We notified Nigeria, others on visa restrictions – US

Feb 04, 2020
The United States Government said on Monday it notified all the foreign governments including Nigeria about the identity-management and information-sharing criteria in 2019.
Washington disclosed this in the full report of the visa restrictions titled: “Proclamation on improving enhanced vetting capabilities and process,” published on www.whitehouse.gov.
According to the document, the US described Nigeria as one of the worst-performing countries on the performance metrics which it said led to the imposition of migrant visa restriction on the country.
In the new visa regime announced by the US Government on January 31, Nigerians and nationals of five other nations were slammed with travel restrictions which takes effect on February 21.
Other countries listed in the new arrangement are Eritrea, Myanmar, Tanzania, Sudan and Kyrgyzstan.
The document read: “The process began on March 11, 2019, when the United States Government formally notified all foreign governments (except for Iran, Syria, and North Korea) about the refined performance metrics for the identity-management and information-sharing criteria.”
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