MTN positions customers for new service experience

Jul 08, 2018

To enhance customers’ experience and effectively manage consumers’ challenges, telecommunications firm, MTN Nigeria has adopted new advanced technology in analytics, data science and automation.The firm said the Customer Experience Management (CEM), in partnership with Nokia was aimed at creating and sustaining customer value.

The move is expected to help MTN, which controls 41 per cent of Nigeria’s telecoms market to adequately improve the telephony experience of its 66 million customers. General Manager, Network Performance and Quality Assurance, MTN Nigeria, Uche Osuji, said the MTN CEM software is established to optimise network for service and transform customers experience in the use of data, calls, and text messages.

Speaking during MTN media parley, Osuji noted that the platform proactively identifies customer issues and solve them. “Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software provides a complete view of customer satisfaction, revenue, device and network performance. MTN Nigeria will be able to speed the identification of service issues, like poor voice call and data session quality, and prioritize improvements based on customer and business impact.“

The interface provides us a deeper insight of what customers experience. No higher tariff is intended for our customers to be part of this better service. It also cost effective for customers as the platform allows us advice users on the best product for them,” he said.

Adding that MTN upgraded customer service is just the beginning of a new phase, which focuses on proffering solution to users’ complaint in time, Osuji said this is the first stage and the target is towards self optimising network.“We monitor what our customers does per time to know what they want and how they want it. The customer experience indicator allows us know whatever service each customer is using and equally follow up on the quality of service received. This is because we care about what makes them feel good,” he added. Osuji said the indicator gives an alert when customers are unable to get a particular service for prompt action to be taken.

“The CEM helps us identify customers’ complains and traces of what could be the cause. The system will work in partnership with Nokia to improve customer expression index. There will front engineers monitoring it 24/7 and render prompt response,” he noted.

General Manager, Business Development, MTN, Kola Oyeyemi who noted that customers are more critical said the upgrade began last year and the firm has moved from reactive stage to proactive intervention.

In his words: “We no longer wait for damage control before we do what is expected of us. With MTN CEM, we analyse data to gather customer information and can anticipate challenges even before they arise to get them fixed in real time. We are bridging the gap between services required by customers and how they experience it in network solution.”

Nokia’s Account Leader for MTN Group, Naveed Kashif, said the Nokia Analytics Office Services has been equipped to facilitate MTN’s transformation for the customer-centric business. Nokia is a tech company, making Telecom put solution together for provider.

“It will enable MTN Nigeria to maximise the benefits of Nokia software, accelerate the transformation process and adopt new advanced capabilities, such as data science and automation,” he added.He noted that MTN Nigeria is the first service provider in the region to deploy Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight with Nokia Service Quality Manager (SQM) software.

Credit: The Guardian
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