SOUTH AFRICA: ReWare answers South African mobile market demand for Certified Pre-owned devices

Jan 20, 2016

The team that brought Zwipit buy back to the South African mobile device market has now answered a call from consumers to buy Certified Pre-owned mobile devices at reduced prices. In partnership with Edcon, ReWare will now make Certified Pre-owned Samsung and Apple mobile phones available at selected Edgars stores. 

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In an exclusive partnership with Edcon, ReWare will make a range of Certified Pre-owned devices which have been cleaned and subjected to a rigorous 11 category check and 40 test process, available for customers looking to save on mobile electronics. 

The ongoing demand prompted the team behind the brand to look at a new model to be applied in the market. This model, which has proven to be highly successful globally, targets an often overlooked market.

ReWare are targeting pensioners and students who are usually cost conscious, parents looking to buy their children a first phone with less financial risk, those who are looking to replace a lost or stolen phone halfway through their contract and people in need of an affordable smartphone for recreational use.

The devices are sourced from International markets and the operation is based on a previously used, highly successful model within the mobile phone market, CEO, Felix Martin Aguilar said. “ReWare is not just a product, ReWare is a new category in its own. South Africans can now buy in retail Software, Hardware and ReWare”. Essentially, ReWare enables access to high end devices at reduced prices for those who are not yet in a position to invest in the latest model of smartphone. For those with an aspirational mindset, ReWare serves as a stepping stone to the premium devices sold by both Apple and Samsung and will most likely lead to migration. This way, ReWare enables opportunities for mobile device manufacturers to expand their consumer base even further with time.

 “ReWare head office in Johannesburg, South Africa has set up 80% of the value chain in the country with full diagnostics, refurbishing, certification and packaging. 


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