DStv subscribers advocate Pay-Per-View

Aug 09, 2018
Some DStv subscribers’ on Wednesday, advocated a pay-per-view method of subscription following the recent hike in the cable television bouquet rates.
DStv is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. The service launched in 1995 and provides multiple channels and services to its more than 11.9 million subscribers.
DStv has been facing backlashes from the public since rates for its programme bouquets were increased in July.
According to the subscribers, they do not watch all the channels allotted in the different bouquets and would prefer to pay only for the channels they watch.
“This move will be a shift from the present subscription pattern where several channels are lumped into bouquets arranged to suit various audience plans.
“However, a pay-per-view plan will enable subscribers pay only for specific channels that they watch within a specific time frame, instead of a full bouquet,’’ they said on Twitter.
Below are some of the tweets: @Wilson tweeted, “Okay, @DStv #DStv what do you have to say about this? Why not introduce a pay per view option where I can simply choose the channels I need.’’
@IDman_nt said: “Can we have a discussion centered on global application?
“I have noticed in your expressions concerning this #DStv issue, which is fraudulent. You have been avoiding discussing #PayPerView application. Why? Are we not ripe for it? It’s done in South Africa.’’
@Funmi_o wrote: “My family and I only watch four channels. I don’t see the reason why I should pay for a bouquet I don’t use. Please let’s pay as we use.’’
@Omoaegbetuyi said: “If its not Premium Bouquet, its not complete entertainment #DStv, we need pay-as-U-view. How much to watch #SuperSport n #MNet channels only.’’
In 2017, there were speculations that DStv would be introducing the Pay-Per-View payment plan, although the cable TV denied the claims.
Subscribers complaints increased when the cable network could not broadcast the Community Shield game between Manchester United and Chelsea on Sunday.
According to the subscribers, especially the football fans who expected to watch the match, say they pay so much money to subscribe to DStv and wondered why it didn’t air.
Despite apologies from DStv after announcing that it would not air the community shield and FA games this year, aggrieved fans also took to twitter to express their displeasure with threats to boycott the service.
Source: NAN
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